Stress & Uncle Sam

Note: I'm writing this at 1am - excuse any typos or ramblings...
Sorry I've been MIA, but since MP called me out (wink), I thought I'd mention why I've been slacking on my blogging duties. First of all this financial crisis, election coverage, and talks of a 700 BILLION DOLLAR bailout have been STRESSING ME OUT. And ironically, when I'm stressed out I spend money. Funny how a good shopping spree can make you forget your worries....

While out of town this weekend at the ATL Classic (yay FAMU), I went INSANE (not really, still budgeting - gotta stack paper) at the Lenox Mall and yea, I got that monitor too. Why? Because I TOLD YOU, I was STRESSED THE F*CK OUT! To add to my frustrations, I just find out today that there are going to be layoffs at my company over the next few months. Tomorrow 38 people will be notified that they may have to pack up their bags and "roll off" of our contract. Whatev...

Side Note: Not too worried about the job, but I think I'm finally coming to the realization, now that I'm 26 and 1 day, that I'm probably stuck in this viscous cycle of working forever @ b.s. jobs unless I do something drastic. I hate it! Do I sound like I feel "entitled" to live my lifestyle without working? Maybe. But who cares, I HATE THIS SHIT. I mean I have a great job, it's cool, but do I feel like I'm fulfilling my purpose? - NO. Maybe this is just a quarterlife crisis? Not sure, but whatever it is, I'm definitely going to use it as motivation to get my "entrepreneur" hustle on 100%.

On the bright side, I have an awesome computer monitor and I LOVE my new clothes which I rarely splurge on. Yay-ah!

Oh, before I forget, what do you all think about the bailout? I just read that it was passed in the Senate with a vote of 74-25. I was against it from the beginning, yet I can't see an easy way out of this crisis without doing something pretty drastic. However, I would be more in favor of helping people from the bottom up by significantly lowering interest rates on mortgage loans or giving tax credits (to everyone this time without income restrictions). I mean you all know me, I would've reinvested my savings back into the economy somehow. ;-)


MP October 3, 2008 at 7:40 AM  

thank you for returning and thank you for calling me out for calling you out!

Welcome back!

(let's not let this happen too often)

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