Media Scrutiny of Obama Kids - It's Starting...

I'm feel so horribly that Malia and Sasha have to grow up in the spotlight in a world that is not yet color-blind. I remember the exact moment when I realized that racism still exists and how I felt as a young black girl in a classroom where I was treated differently than the other children. I was 8 years old and it's a very life-changing experience. So, not only am I worried about them being scrutinized as the President's kids, I'm worried about them being scrutinized as black children and having to carry that burden at such a young age. I almost feel as though they are part of my family and I want to protect them from the hateful words I've seen so far. Not in the articles themselves, but in the comments sections. TMZ, Politico, the Drudge Report, etc are just a few of the news outlets that have reported on the girls' first day of school. Do you think that their father's position requires them to be under such scruitiny? I mean I understand it, but I just do not agree with it. *Sigh*

Check out TMZ's article (and the comments):

[TMZ] - Obama Girls -- The Lil' Ladies Who Lunch

My favorite reader comment: "Be nice to Malia and Sasha. Your kids may work for them one day." (MESSAGE!)


Different Perspectives on the state of the Economy (Bush vs. President Elect Obama)

Sorry this isn't a fun post, but this economic recovery is on the brain a lot lately. Check out the different viewpoints of our soon-to-be FORMER President George W. Bush and our President-Elect Barack Obama.

He's not an economist but...long story short, the man is in denial.

Looks like our optimist is turning into a realist. Check out his statements on our "economic recovery" (I'm not getting the warm and fuzzies, *sigh*):

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