OHN! - Obama Likeness found Hanging from 2 College Campuses...

I won't waste too many words on this ignorance right now. Kentucky will be Kentucky... Am I outraged? Yes. What can I do about it? Vote.


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Stark Differences Between Obama and McCain Supporters

I found this article in the Huffington Post today and had to share.

Here are some excerpts:
"The fundamental difference between the internet left and the internet right? The cyber-right is not campaigning hard for a John McCain in whom they have great faith to bring about real change. They're not arguing for public policy or for humane governance. They're just fighting against the other guy. They're led in that direction by an increasingly desperate and angry McCain/Palin camp.

The cyber-left is campaigning hard for something. They are for Barack Obama."

From a white, middle-class Florida voter:
"...I've got a wife and two kids. Because the kids had no school today, I took a vacation day from work and took the kids downtown to vote early. Fifty-nine minutes later, two smiling children and I proudly sported 'I Voted' stickers.

"But I didn't vote for Obama.

"I voted for my ancestors, who believed in the promise of this country and came with nothing as immigrants. I voted for my parents, who taught in the public schools for decades. I voted for Steve, an acquaintance of mine from Kentucky (killed by an IED two years ago in Iraq). I voted for Shawn, another who's been to Iraq twice and Afghanistan once, and who'll be going back to Afghanistan again soon -- and whose family earned eleven bucks a month too much to qualify for food stamps when the war started. I voted for April, the only African American girl in my high school -- it was years before it occurred to me how different her experience of our school must have been. I voted for my college friends who are Christian, Jewish, Mormon, and yes -- Muslim. I voted for my grandfathers, who worked hard in factories and died too young. I voted for the plumber who worked on my house, because I want him to get a REAL tax break. I voted for four little angels from Birmingham. I voted for a bunch of dead white men who, although personally flawed, were willing to pledge their lives, fortunes and sacred honor, and used a time of great crisis to expand freedom rather than suspend it. I voted for all those people and more, and I voted for all of you, too.

"But mostly, I voted selfishly: I voted for two little kids, one who has ballet in an hour and one who has baseball practice at the same time. I voted for a world where they can be confident that their government will represent the best that is in this country and that will, in turn, demand the best of them

"I voted for a government that will be respected in the world. I voted for an economy that will reward work above guile. I voted for everything I believe in. Sure, I filled in the circle next to the name Obama, but it wasn't him I was voting for -- it was every single one of us and [for] those I love most of all."

From PJ Locascio, a sixteen year old junior at Heritage High School in Lynchburg, VA. He's not old enough to vote yet but, apparently, he's old enough to have received an "Obama is the antichrist" email. PJ chose to join the cyber-campaign and wrote, in response to that horrific email:

"This is one of the most absurd and racist things I have ever seen. You would rather believe that he, Sen. Obama, is the 'antichrist' than believe he's simply the better candidate. It's definitely not funny because a lot of voting-eligible Americans actually do think he's Muslim or the antichrist...This was all done by the Republican agenda that continues to try to make Americans...believe that he's...out to destroy America; or that he is a socialist [who] will ruin the fabric of democracy...Anyone who believes this or passes this along...is terribly misinformed...it's what's called running a 'Fear campaign'...This kind of campaign is very dangerous...Every single one of you is old enough to think for yourself...Next election, when we are finally old enough to vote, I really hope and encourage you to examine both of the candidates meticulously, without partisanship and really check the facts...be your own person."

Soooooo true. If you agree check out some conservative blogs like the Drudge Report, and see some of the comments that you'll see from so called McCain supporters (they sound more like Obama bashers than anything) and you'll be apalled. Well maybe not, I'm sure you've seen and heard it all at this point...*sigh*

Exploiting Blacks in the Media

I'm SO tired of articles and news stories like this. Can we please keep this conversation on the blogosphere, barbershops, and nail salons please? And if you are so inclined to do an interview, please at least look semi-decent. I'm just sayin...


Please GTFO and VOTE!

I'm SO SINCERE about this - I don't care how cold it is, how long the line is, make sure your vote is counted.

Man Shoots Teens Attempting to Vandalize McCain/Palin Sign

Another example proving that McPalin supporters are certifiably INSANE. I mean WTF! I understand they're on your yard, but yelling or running outside would probably suffice.

OH HELL NO! - Beyonce Remix

Um...how can I say this? Can't. Just watch:

This is hilarious. I won't hate on them though, lol. I put five on it that they're in ATL.

Thanks for putting me on to this B. Scott!

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Girl in the back: "I wonder if I could whisper in his ear that those are panties without being tackled by the secret service."

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Love It! Obama in the Rain

I'm sorry - but there is something about a man who will follow through - rain, sleet, or snow. Michelle was even out in the rain! I LOVE IT!

One rainstorm, two campaigns and two responses

Wearing jeans, white sneakers and an insulated windbreaker, Barack Obama delivered his stump speech this morning in a chilly, steady rain in Chester, Pa.

"A little bit of rain never hurt anybody," Obama said, surveying the soaking, umbrella-covered crowd at Widener University, occasionally rubbing his hands together for warmth and squinting through the raindrops.

Obama took the stage less than an hour after the McCain campaign announced it was postponing a rally at 1:15 p.m. in Quakertown, Pa., about one hour north of Chester, "due to weather."

The Obama campaign considered moving its event inside, but couldn't find an appropriate venue, an aide said. An estimated 9,000 people turned out. [source]

photo credit: nypost


Conservatives for Obama

Love this. Great talking points to persuade your Republican "friends" to vote for the best candidate (against party lines):

Oh, and Black men against Obama (ugh)

Breaking News: Obama Assassination Foiled

Officials said Cowart and Schlesselman stated that they would be willing to die during their attempt.

According to the complaint, the defendants further discussed their killing spree to include targeting a predominately African American school, decapitating 102 black people, and to continue their spree until their final act of violence, which would be to attempt to assassinate Obama.The pair was arrested on October 22, 2008 by the Crockett County, Tennessee Sheriff's Department.Cowart and Schlesselman appeared in court Monday, and are scheduled to appear again at a detention hearing on October 30th.

Two men have been charged with making threats against presidential candidate Barack Obama.

Daniel Cowart, 20, of Bells, Tennessee and Paul Schlesselman, 18, of West Helena were charged in a federal complaint last Friday of illegal possession of a sawed-off shotgun, conspiracy to rob a federal firearms licensee, and making threats against a major candidate for the Office of President.

According to the complaint, Cowart and Schlesselman met via the Internet through a mutual friend last month, with both men claiming to have very strong beliefs regarding "White Power" and "Skinhead" philosophies.

The complaint said the pair discussed robbing a gun shop in order to gather weapons and ammunition to use in a 'killing spree.'

On October 20, 2008, Cowart allegedly traveled from Tennessee to Arkansas to pick up Schlesselman in order to carry out their plan.

Source [MSNBC] Stay Tuned for Updates. As soon as I find pictures of the Skinheads from this story, I will post them. In the meantime, check out these below from the DNC plot.

These photos are of 2 guys who were going to attempt and do this at the DNC.... Don't they remind you of those smelly trashy kids you knew growing up who had the full confederate flag wardrobe?? Not to take away from the seriousness of this, I really bet you they had mangy dogs running all in their house. gross.

Natural Hair Care 101: Product Review

Hola Buppies! So far it's been almost 1 year since I've gone completely natural (after a couple failed attempts) and my hair has grown like CRAZY (almost shoulder length already). So as you can imagine, it's been quite an experiment with different hair products and techniques to keep my hair looking its best. It has to be one of the most humbling and rewarding experiences to go from shoulder length relaxed hair, to no hair, to reintroducing yourself to your natural hair texture.

So today I'll just give a brief synopsis of the products that have worked best for me. If you have any feedback, please share with the community!

1. I'm using most of the Miss Jessie's line: specifically the Curly Pudding daily (and Baby Buttercreme every other day), which keeps my hair moisturized for straight out of the shower curls.

2. I'm also using the Miss Jessie's curly meringue for my straw sets and two strand twist outs. I don't necessarily like the smell but it works like a charm. I despise hair spritz or setting lotion or gels because it hardens my hair and dries it out, this is a great alternative. It gives a slight hold that actually doesn't dry your hair out or leave residue. Good deal. (btw, I also add Carol's Daughter Tui Jojoba & Shea Butter Sheen as a finisher for my twist out styles).
*Note with the MJ products, be sure not to use it too heavily (I've been there and it looks like I have a gherri curl! - not a good look unless your hair is still short and manageable).

3. I know it sounds like I'm getting paid by Miss Jessie's but for real, you MUST do the rapid recovery treatment once/week. Even if you don't try ANY of the other MJ products, this one is magic. Made with avacado cream and shea butter, this product will transform dull, matted, dry hair back into shiny manageable curls in a matter of minutes (this chick should give me a job). To further extend the benefits of this deep conditioner, you can try an overhead hair dryer for the best results. But if you're anti-heat products like I am - add it to your wet shampoo'd hair and add a shower cap before you shower. The steam from a 15 minute shower will be more than enough heat for it to work.

4. One of the main reasons I went natural is for hair health. I'd been noticing thinning around my hair line and breakage along the ends of my hair. However, during this past year I have consistently been using a product recommended by my stylist, and it's AWESOME. It's called "Ces Cheveux Hair & Scalp Revitalizer" It's pretty difficult to find, but worth paying shipping and buying online. Luckily I have a store a few miles away that carries it. I attribute the thickening and growth of my hair mostly to this product - the rest is just genes.

5. Okay, now for my regular shampoo and conditioner (I wash my hair about 3 times/week and rinse daily). For shampoo I alternate between Nioxin Cleanser and Nexxus Botanoil Treatment Shampoo. For conditioner I use Nioxin Scalp Therapy and occassionally Hair Rules Nourishment Leave-in Conditioner.

Well I know this sounds like a LOT of products, but I'm still testing the waters to see what really works best. I'm also playing a lot with accessories and styles and will share that along with my daily regimen soon.

Here are some of my questions to you natural ladies (and fellas):

  • What are some of YOUR favorite products?
  • Do you wrap your hair in a silk scarf at night? I don't unless I have a new style...should I?
  • Do you sleep on silk pillow cases/sheets? - I don't...probably should.
  • Do you pre-poo (condition your hair before shampooing)? - I do this about half the time.
  • What has been your largest problems with your hair since your transition? - Mine has been moisture! Not to mention matting when I don't stick to my regular regimen or after certain styles.
  • How often do you get your hair trimmed? - I used to every 4-6 weeks, but can't remember the last time I had a trim. I asked for one the last couple times at the salon (which is like once every 2 months now and they said I didn't need it). Not sure if this natural hair salon is looking out for hair health - shouldn't I have a trim by now?
Ok, I guess that's enough for now, lol.


B. Scott's Reaction to 'Scarlet Takes a Tumble'

In case you haven't seen the newest youtube sensation "Scarlet Takes a Tumble," - check out B. Scott's hilarious reaction video:

LOL, I LOVE B. Scott!

Dressing Your Pet for Halloween?

Okay, I'm on the fence with this decision. I have a small Yorkie who is my baby, should I dress him up for Halloween? I mean I've seen some dogs in some insanely hilarious halloween costumes, but the dogs always look severely depressed. It just seems wrong.

He likes wearing shirts (mostly because he thinks he's about to go outside), so maybe I'll just let him wear his Chicago Bears Jersey? Good enough?

Child's Body found in Hudson Case

"CHICAGO, Illinois (CNN) -- The Cook County Medical Examiner's office is investigating reports on Monday of a child's body found in an SUV in Chicago, a spokesperson for the office told CNN.

The Chicago Tribune -- citing the medical examiner's office -- reported that the body of a boy was found Monday morning in a white SUV connected with Julian King, the missing nephew of Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Hudson.

Police issued an Amber Alert for Julian, 7, who has been missing since Hudson's mother and brother were found dead in their home Friday.

Over the weekend, Oscar-winning actress Hudson offered a $100,000 reward for the safe return of her nephew.

A spokeswoman for Hudson confirmed the reward, the latest development in the investigation of the shooting deaths of Hudson's relatives and abduction of her nephew, Julian King.

"Please keep praying for our family and that we get Julian King back home safely," Hudson said in a posting on her MySpace page Sunday. "If anyone has any information about his whereabouts please contact the authorities immediately."

Hudson also posted two pictures of her nephew wearing the brown-and-orange striped polo shirt he was last seen in.

Earlier, Hudson viewed the bodies of her mother, Darnell Donerson, and brother, Jason Hudson, the Cook County medical examiner's office told CNN Sunday. They were found shot to death Friday in their South Side Chicago home." -Read More Here

Wow, my prayers go out to the families affected by this devastating loss. And according to reports, the assailant is possibly her own brother-in-law who is an ex-convict. OMG! Can you imagine?

Don Imus Endorses John McCain - *crickets*

Anyone, anyone?

*listen to the last 20 seconds, lol.


Love It! Wassssup Obama Edition!


And for the old school flash back:

OMG - like forreal - I really love this.


Daily Prayer: Mccain Volunteer Attacked - B carved in Face? - FALSE!!!

*UPDATE* --> http://kdka.com/local/attack.McCain.Bloomfield.2.847628.html

Dayuuuuuuuum. True? Untrue? WTF? This is terrible! Either way! This story is horrible! Either way - it's HORRIBLE.

According to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (By way of Pittsburgh Channel), Ashley Todd, of College Station, Texas, was at the cash machine just before 9 p.m. on Wednesday when a man approached her and put a knife to her throat.

The Tribune reported that Todd, who is not familiar with the area, drove to a friend's house and called police.

According to friends, she is in Pittsburgh volunteering for the McCain-Palin campaign.

Pittsburgh police spokeswoman Diane Richard told Channel 4 Action News that the robber took $60 from the woman, then became upset when he saw a McCain bumper sticker on the victim's car.

The McCain camp told CBS station KDKA-TV that the victim is a Republican from Texas

According to a campaign spokesperson, after seeing her bumper sticker supporting McCain, the suspect said, 'Oh you're with McCain, you're with the McCain campaign? I'm going to teach you a lesson.'"

The attacker then proceeded to punch and kick the victim, before utilizing the knife to carve the letter "B" into her face, presumably for "Barack" Obama.

The attack occurred outside the view of the bank's surveillance cameras and the unidentified victim refused medical treatment after the assault.

In an official statement the McCain campaign says: "We're shaken up by this. It's sick and disgusting."

Governor Sarah Palin reportedly spoke with the victim by phone.

The Obama-Biden campaign released a statement, commenting on the attack. The statement said "Our thoughts and prayers are with the young woman for her to make a speedy recovery, and we hope that the person who perpetrated this crime is swiftly apprehended and brought to justice."

The assailant is still at large. Police tell TMZ.com that all they have is a description.

The assailant is described as a dark-skinned black man, 6 feet 4 inches tall, 200 pounds with a medium build, short black hair and brown eyes. He was wearing dark colored jeans, a black undershirt and black shoes.

I totally don't believe the news all the time - I'm a skeptic. In fact, when the girl down here at GWU said people were putting swastikas on her door and it was her ass writing swastikas all on her door and ish, I was too through!


Palin Endorses Barack Obama

Check it out here. Who would've thought?

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Preserving the Sexy: Diddy Buys Enyce!

Continuing to expand his empire and business ventures, hip-hop mogul Diddy has officially announced his purchase of urban clothing company, Enyce.

After receiving monumental success since the launch of his popular signature fashion label, Sean John, Diddy has resorted to his video blog to inform the public about his acquisition of yet another company.

"Your boy Sean Combs, aka Sean John, has purchased a new clothing brand called Enyce," he said while wearing the a jacket with the company's signature. "I bought this brand to add to my portfolio, for my mini-fashion empire that I'm trying to start. I'm an entrepreneur. I'm from the same place just like you."

Diddy also detailed where his passion to begin a line of fashion companies stemmed from.

"I had a dream to start a fashion empire, so like, ten years ago I started with Sean John and then, I bought in to Zac Posen," he added. "And now to diversify my portfolio, today I made a smart, business move. A shrewd business move."

Calling himself the "black [Warren] Buffet," Diddy went on to justify his purchase as a well calculated business transaction due to today's changing economy.

"In this time of depression and recession, we have to do things that are smart as business people. And I'm sending this out to all my up-and-coming business people, I'm here to share some insight on what I did. I feel like there are some hard times that we're facing so we gotta buckle down but there also opportunities in this beautiful country."

Using the same technique he's used on his hit singles, Diddy plans to reformat the clothing brand to his liking.

"I'm the king of the remix," he said. "If y'all wondering what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna remix the brand and make it hit like I make my records. I'mma put my marketing power behind it and do my thing. The brand as you know it today isn't the brand as you're gonna know it six months from now. So um, thank y'all for your support with Sean John, with Zac Posen and now with Enyce." Thanks SOHH


OH HELL NO! - Girl with Tourette's Syndrome yells Nigger! WTF

I promise she just needs her ass whooped, tourette's my ass.

Thanks Shabooty.

Nas Vs. Jay-Z (Election 08 Edition)

Who's endorsement carries the most weight in the "hood?" (Personally, I would've preferred Common or Mos Def, but they will do for now).




Latest Conservative to Endorse Obama

Michael Smerconish, a Philadelphia conservative writer and radio host, went against his party line by endorsing Obama over McCain in Sunday's Philadelphia Inquirer. Smerconish made this choice by using five categories to judge Obama and McCain in.

In the end, Smerconish chose that Obama was better than McCain on the issues of terrorism, the economy, the running mates, opportunity and hope. Obama has positioned himself as better in the economy, in his running mate, in opportunity and hope from day one, but Obama has rarely been chosen as someone who can outdo McCain on terrorism.

Source: Associated Content

I ROTFL Everytime I See This



Women for McCain


Venus and Serena: Fabulous.

I love these two women, not only b/c they rule the tennis courts, but also because they rule it by their own set of rules! I love how they go against the grain with fashion in tennis - and it looks like Harper's Bazaar agrees! Check the pics! These are 2 amazing women!

Powell endorses Obama.

Enough said. Since you all know the story, I'll leave it at that. However, I found this photo and caption to be perfectly fitting.

Social Studies: The Black Tax

Hey guys..... I too have had quite a long weekend... I went to a BEAUTIFUL wedding in Atlanta - which is my old stomping ground. SPELLLLLLLLLLMAN!

I know I'm harsh for calling the chick in this story a coon. Alright - I did it and it's out of my system.

Anyway - I was in the airport restaurant and I became more and more frustrated by the minute. I thought I'd have a quick breakfast this morning at Brews and Blues, which is in terminal T of the ATL airport. Well - I go in, say hello to the waitress and just kind of sit there. I was thinking, okay - she knows I need a damn menu, so what the hell..... but I just sat it out. I wait about 5 minutes and say, "excuse me, I'd like to have a menu" and she slides one over to me. Alright... it's 8 in the morning, I'm not a morning person - so I'm not mad yet.

Well - I order my food when she walks over because not once did she say, "good morning, can I take your order" or whatever you are supposed to say to prompt me to tell you want I want to eat or drink. Still - when she kind of just stood there, I took that as the cue to place my food order, "scrambled eggs with cheese, bacon, and toast." She walks away - brings back the food and did not give me a fork or whatev. I asked for the fork and she lays it by my food. Alright - at this point, I'm not thinking BLACK TAX!!! Instead, I'm thinking - this is terrible service, but whatever. My food sucked, but still - it was terrible service and I as just going to roll with it; I was ready to get back to DC anyway.

About 10 minutes later, a few white guys walk in. She goes over to them and wishes them a good morning and asks if she could take their orders. She gave a few jokes to them so they could all get a laugh in and she was just overall pleasant! I was like wtf? Maybe it was just me - maybe I was giving off negative energy. My flight didn't leave for another hour, so I decided to sit around and observe! A black man sat right beside me and got the same cold cold treatment as I did. He asked for cheese on his eggs and she was so rude to him! WTF. After I saw her flip the script again for her white co-worker, I was like daaaaaaamn. She was even cold to the ethiopian chicks who walked in. However, she kept wiping off the table for the white guys and refilling their drinks. Ask me if I got a refill? lol. NOPE! Seriously - I felt obligated to tip her, but I only left a dollar, which I thought was generous.

So - my friends, have you all experienced anything like this from our own people? What's the damn problem? Let's talk about it.


Chillin' HARD this weekend...will return soon...


Nervous - I need to go to sleep...


Will the Real Todd Palin Please Stand Up?

I hope this story BLOWS up, especially considering his AIP associations. I mean he spent 50% of his time directly involved in state affairs (which is unethical and illegal if he does not hold a government clearance). This man needs to be properly vetted - immediately.

Why does this have me ROTFL?!

Please tell me if this is an effective ad. Try to be objective.

"I have a plan. Your savings - we'll rebuild them. Your investments - they'll grow again." OMG! Too funny.


Debate Reaction

gotta love this photo

First of all, this is not an intellectual commentary on the debate in the least. This is pure disappointment in the tone of the rhetoric from the McCain campaign. I was definitely on the edge for the entire 90 minutes. But the thing that really hurt and disappointed me was that Obama had to directly address the comments made by Lewis, which in my point of view, was a simple observation. It's clear to see that the tone of McCain's rallies have taken on a dangerous tone. A racial, violent, and incendiary tone.

The words "KILL HIM!" and "Terrorist!" were shouted loud enough for McCain and Palin to hear. The real topic that should have been addressed is why did they allow it? Why didn't they repudiate THOSE comments immediately and in front of that very crowd?

However, for Obama to have to repeat those hateful comments nearly brought tears to my eyes (especially since McCain was smirking and basically laughing at the sheer thought). I'll just say I was basically done right then and there.

Long story short, according to CNN and CBS Obama won by a margin of over 20%. That's right Obama has won all 3 debates by simply talking about the ISSUES and maintaining a professional and "presidential" demeanor. Classic.

What did you think?

P.S. - I better not hear SHIT else about Joe Plumber.

Oh and from Fox News *new*:

Debate Prep

Drinking game essentials here. My beverage of choice will be cabernet. I hope I don't die. Wish me luck...

Just for Fun - at the Expense of Mrs. Palin

This site is pretty funny. I used to be hooked on caveman's crib, but this site is even better! Click around and enjoy. The site will be updated everyday until election day. Pay close attention - it's hilarious.

Vote for John McCain - a PSA by Hayden Panettiere

See more Hayden Panettiere videos at Funny or Die

Nobody f*cks with John McCain!

Make-Believe Maverick

A closer look at the life and career of John McCain reveals a disturbing record of recklessness and dishonesty

At Fort McNair, an army base located along the Potomac River in the nation's capital, a chance reunion takes place one day between two former POWs. It's the spring of 1974, and Navy commander John Sidney McCain III has returned home from the experience in Hanoi that, according to legend, transformed him from a callow and reckless youth into a serious man of patriotism and purpose. Walking along the grounds at Fort McNair, McCain runs into John Dramesi, an Air Force lieutenant colonel who was also imprisoned and tortured in Vietnam.

McCain is studying at the National War College, a prestigious graduate program he had to pull strings with the Secretary of the Navy to get into. Dramesi is enrolled, on his own merit, at the Industrial College of the Armed Forces in the building next door.

There's a distance between the two men that belies their shared experience in North Vietnam — call it an honor gap. Like many American POWs, McCain broke down under torture and offered a "confession" to his North Vietnamese captors. Dramesi, in contrast, attempted two daring escapes. For the second he was brutalized for a month with daily torture sessions that nearly killed him. His partner in the escape, Lt. Col. Ed Atterberry, didn't survive the mistreatment. But Dramesi never said a disloyal word, and for his heroism was awarded two Air Force Crosses, one of the service's highest distinctions. McCain would later hail him as "one of the toughest guys I've ever met."

On the grounds between the two brick colleges, the chitchat between the scion of four-star admirals and the son of a prizefighter turns to their academic travels; both colleges sponsor a trip abroad for young officers to network with military and political leaders in a distant corner of the globe.

"I'm going to the Middle East," Dramesi says. "Turkey, Kuwait, Lebanon, Iran."

"Why are you going to the Middle East?" McCain asks, dismissively.

"It's a place we're probably going to have some problems," Dramesi says.

"Why? Where are you going to, John?"

"Oh, I'm going to Rio."

"What the hell are you going to Rio for?"

McCain, a married father of three, shrugs.

"I got a better chance of getting laid."

Dramesi, who went on to serve as chief war planner for U.S. Air Forces in Europe and commander of a wing of the Strategic Air Command, was not surprised. "McCain says his life changed while he was in Vietnam, and he is now a different man," Dramesi says today. "But he's still the undisciplined, spoiled brat that he was when he went in."


This is the story of the real John McCain, the one who has been hiding in plain sight. It is the story of a man who has consistently put his own advancement above all else, a man willing to say and do anything to achieve his ultimate ambition: to become commander in chief, ascending to the one position that would finally enable him to outrank his four-star father and grandfather.

In its broad strokes, McCain's life story is oddly similar to that of the current occupant of the White House. John Sidney McCain III and George Walker Bush both represent the third generation of American dynasties. Both were born into positions of privilege against which they rebelled into mediocrity. Both developed an uncanny social intelligence that allowed them to skate by with a minimum of mental exertion. Both struggled with booze and loutish behavior. At each step, with the aid of their fathers' powerful friends, both failed upward. And both shed their skins as Episcopalian members of the Washington elite to build political careers as self-styled, ranch-inhabiting Westerners who pray to Jesus in their wives' evangelical churches.

In one vital respect, however, the comparison is deeply unfair to the current president: George W. Bush was a much better pilot. [Thanks Rolling Stone: read more here]


The Black Guy (James T. Harris) at the Mccain Rally: Essence Article

Let's all bow our heads and pray.
Please share your thoughts

[thanks essence.com]
Last week, James T. Harris went from being an average guy to one of the most reviled men in Black America. At a Waukesha, Wisconsin, town hall rally with Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin on Thursday, the African-American radio host from Milwaukee pleaded with McCain to step up his attacks against Barack Obama. “We have the good Reverend Wright. We have [the Reverend Michael L.] Pfleger,” Harris said to the cheers of thousands of White audience members. “I am begging you, sir. I am begging you. Take it to him.” In a show of true solidarity, Harris, 44, and the Republican nominee then hugged.

As this moment spread throughout the media, many African-Americans likened his impassioned remarks to racial betrayal and subservient shuffling. Theories circulated that Harris was a plant for the McCain campaign. ESSENCE.com talked with Harris, who describes his political beliefs as being “right of Rush,” about how he ended up at the town hall, receiving hate mail, and how he really feels about that hug with John McCain.

ESSENCE.COM: How are you doing?
JAMES T. HARRIS: Girl, I’m getting my butt spanked today!

ESSENCE.COM: I can imagine. You’ve generated a lot of buzz. What attention have you been getting since the rally?

HARRIS: I’ve heard from Americans of African descent, scattered across the fruited plain, to the tune of about 1,000 or more. I’d say 99 percent of it has been straight up hate on a level that I find a bit overwhelming. They’re coming through my blog, Facebook, e-mail and my business site.

ESSENCE.COM: What are people saying?
HARRIS: Let me just pull some up now. [Reading] “Hey man, are you the plant that sucked up to McCain? What were you thinking? You should be ashamed of yourself.” “Are you that self-loathing bastard?” This is just at random. “You are lost, sad and worthy of pity. I will not hate you; I will call you by your rightful name: House Nigger.” And that was mild! [Laughs.]

ESSENCE.COM: Have you gotten positive feedback from people applauding you for standing up for your beliefs?
HARRIS: I would say the mail coming in is 12 to 1—for every 12 negative, I get one positive. There’s been some really heartfelt stuff I’ve read from people across the nation. A number of these e-mails say I spoke for millions of conservatives who are frustrated, like I am, that Senator McCain isn’t engaging Barack Obama on these issues. I’m getting letters like, “You said what many of us have been dying to say.” That’s encouraging. That’s coming from someone who’s my ideological brother. What I find shocking are the people who say they are my brothers in race, who are upset to say the least.

ESSENCE.COM: Going back to those negative comments, a lot of people do think you were paid by somebody to say those remarks. How did get to participate in the town hall event?
HARRIS: Through my public speaking work I’ve had an opportunity to speak to the Republican Party in Waukesha on two occasions. And my radio show is popular in that area, so people know who I am. I contacted the Party in Waukesha and said, “If you have two tickets, I would love to be there to show my support.” And so they had me pick up tickets, and my wife and I went to the event. While waiting in line I was standing right next to the parents of the chairman of the Republican Party of Wisconsin, whose wife was my son’s first grade teacher. This is by pure coincidence. My wife notices her name on the envelope, and we start laughing and talking. Now, the father has health issues so they called their son and said, “We can’t wait in this long line.” And when the security guard came to get them, the father said, “That’s James T. Harris.” The security guard said, “Come with me.” So, we walked in and we sat in reserved seats. I said, “You can seat me anywhere you want,” but seeing as we were two of only four or five Black people out of thousands of people there, they strategically place people where they’ll be seen. There’s nothing new in that. So that’s how we ended up in that area. I had no idea I’d be that close. I didn’t go into that event knowing I would speak and ask a question. When I read stuff about me being a plant, and that I’m speaking on behalf of the McCain camp, it’s laughable! There was no plan to this.

ESSENCE.COM: At the town hall you said McCain should talk more about Obama’s connection to the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. But last spring you could barely turn on the news without seeing Rev. Wright. Don’t you think there’s been enough attention given to that relationship?
HARRIS: Again, this is further evidence that this thing wasn’t scripted. I thought I had said something different. I wanted to say Barney Frank and Harold Raines, because I believe their fingerprints are all over this economic demise. These people were in my brain, and yet I didn’t articulate it. I went blank. It’s not just Rev. Wright and Reverend Pfleger. It sounded like I was saying, “Bring up all these old things and beat him over the head with it.” Well, you should, in conjunction with the new names that have come up over the past few weeks. I’m sitting in this town hall meeting, and Senator McCain is talking about what he’s going to do about global warming and all these other things. At one point I just raised my hand and said, “I want to know when are you going to take it to Barack Obama?”

ESSENCE.COM: McCain has already addressed a lot of these issues, including Bill Ayers and ACORN, in campaign attack ads. What specifically do you think he should do, to “take it to Obama,” that hasn’t already been done?
HARRIS: That’s different. That’s ads. Barack Obama said yesterday that, “McCain hasn’t said this to my face.” You know what? He’s right! Forget all these campaign ads. Say it to his face. I said, “We have one debate left, and we have a few weeks left; I am begging you take it to Obama!” That was the context. Not “Massa, please. Massa, please.” That wasn’t it. That’s the context that’s being looped on CNN and on blog sites. Nobody played the full clip. Maybe I’m just kind of jaded because of all I’ve been going through. I’m like, “Oh my God, this isn’t right.” I really do understand how this is an emotional thing, and people think Stepin Fetchit. But that wasn’t the case at all. I don’t think I carried myself like that, and I don’t think my question was whining.

ESSENCE.COM: So, let’s talk about that hug…
HARRIS: That’s another thing I want to clear up. When he came over to me and was bending down, I was like, “What, is he going to hug me?” He didn’t. He whispered something in my ear. He actually just put his hand on my shoulder. But in that moment I was like, “What am I going to do? I can’t not hug him. I can’t pull away. But if I hug him it’s going to look crazy! This is like Sammy Davis, Jr., with Nixon!” But he wasn’t trying to hug me. He just leaned down and whispered something in my ear.

ESSENCE.COM: What did he say?
HARRIS: I’m not going to tell you. That was between the Senator and me. After the next debate I’ll be willing to talk about it.

ESSENCE.COM: The Obama campaign says personal attacks are a distraction from the issues. Why do you think it’s so important to go negative on Obama, rather than focus on what McCain will do for America?
HARRIS: Something happened in Wisconsin, because for the first time in this election, Senator McCain came face to face with his angry base. We’re frustrated with the fact that John McCain didn’t hold up his part. You can talk about the issues and global warming and how you’re going to have buyouts for homeowners. We are getting decimated, and we believe it’s because you’re not fighting for the values that you say you believe in. You fought in Vietnam, you fought against corruption, and you reached across the aisle. So why, in the final stages, are you capitulating? That was the mood that was in the town hall meeting.

ESSENCE.COM: Speaking of the mood there, along with other recent McCain rallies, it seemed very angry and hostile. At some rallies people have shouted that Obama is a terrorist. How do you feel about this being the face of Republican voters right now?
HARRIS: That didn’t take place at the town hall, but I am aware of some stuff that happened in Ohio. I have to be honest with you, after the last 24 hours, no one can roll up on me and talk about hatred and inciting violence after what I have experienced.

ESSENCE.COM: In your gut, who do you think is going to win?
HARRIS: John McCain. And, oh Lord, Lord, Lord, if that happens! As much as the followers of Obama are invested in this thing, it’s going to make Bush Derangement Syndrome look like a cold. There’s going to be severe backlash; people are going to lose their minds. Black people are going to say, “Voter suppression, voter fraud.” With the allegiance and almost worship of Barack Obama, I think if he loses it’s going to be very ugly.

ESSENCE.COM: Don’t you think it could be just as ugly if McCain loses?
HARRIS: No. If McCain loses, you know who conservatives are going to blame? McCain. You’re going to have people say, “Grandpa McCain lost this election!” People get emotional because they don’t see him running this race right, and that’s what McCain saw Thursday night.


I simply love this pic. I thought I'd share. Happy Tuesday.

Obama Buys ads in Xbox 360 Games

Check it - http://www.politico.com/static/PPM106_obamascreenshots.html

What do you think? I think the dude has too much money to spend in the next few weeks, lol.

If McCain Loses, It's God's Fault

Let the hilarity ensue:

Strategy: Scare the College Kids.

Election officials and watchdog groups are bracing for the wave of sneaky or suspicious phone calls, leaflets and emails that typically hit battleground states in the final 30 days of the presidential campaign.

Young voters at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Penn. have already been targeted, with students reporting that flyers have been posted around campus warning that undercover police will be at the polls on Election Day looking to make arrests.

The flyer reads like a friendly letter to fellow students relaying a warning from an "Obama supporter": "He informed me that on the day of the election there will be undercover officers to execute warrants on those who come to vote based on the anticipated turnout," writes the anonymous student in the letter which was later posted on the Drexel College Democrats website. "He advised me if I had any outstanding warrants or traffic offenses I should clear them up prior to voting." [thanks abcnews.com]


Rachel Maddow is Gangster - Luvs it!

She had the man st-st-stuttering and ish - hilarious.

Hockey Mom Palin gets BOOED at Hockey Game

Please. Please. Please. lol. That majestic, mavericky music gets me everytime. When I saw this on the news, you could clearly see the freaking fans boo-ing and throwing the thumbs down! Hilarious.

Obama's Financial Rescue Plan - Check it!

Let's keep a good grip on polices and facts, and try not to get bogged down by this "hate" rhetoric that is obviously losing. I thought this would interest you guys. Read up:

If it Walks Like a Duck and Quacks like a Duck...

...it must be a RACIST.

What year are we living in again? Someone please let me know. WTF? These people never cease to amaze me.

Bill O'Reilly Impersonation - Hilarious

I usually hate kids, but this kid is pretty good:

It's a dirty, dirty world.

Since rednecks get to vote too, I thought I'd post this for your viewing pleasure:

SIGH. Due to the racial epithets used at the end, this is NSFW. Thoughts?


Hate Talk Express

Thanks for these vids JedReport. Mr. McCain is getting desperate and it's difficult to watch.

But Obama knew it was coming all along (cool as ice):


Buppie Blog Roundup - 10/11/08

I'm about to take off today so I won't be back until tomorrow, but in my absence, here are a few blog posts I had to share this week. Enjoy and *smooches.*
Shabooty finds the most moronic mob of McCain/Palin supporters I've seen (since yesterday). Must see.

Sagacious Rambling shows us why Sarah Palin may not be the "Patriot" she claims to be.

Raw Dawg Buffalo writes a humorous interpretation of the first 10 weeks following November 4th.

Stuff White People Do pinpoints the different euphemisms that have been used by the McCain/Palin ticket for identifying their base - white people...great posts bloggers.

What are some of your favs from this week?

Governor Palin Abused Authority - Ethics Violation?

So, I'm a little confused by this recent report from the state of Alaska. Here's what I've read:
"A long-awaited Alaska legislative report concluded that Republican Sen. John McCain's vice-presidential running mate, Gov. Sarah Palin, abused her authority and broke state ethics law by trying to remove her former brother-in-law from his job as a state trooper.
But the report also concluded that the Republican governor did not unlawfully fire her public-safety commissioner, Walt Monegan, who said he had been pressured to oust the trooper, Mike Wooten. The report said other factors were involved in Mr. Monegan's controversial dismissal.

Is it just me or do those two statements sound contradictory? I guess unethical does not equal illegal. [Blackstar, I need your legal expertise here - what are the repercussions here?] Oh and to add to my confusion, the McCain campaign released the following statement:
"...the investigation "vindicated the governor by finding that she acted within her constitutional authority to remove 'at-will' employees," referring to her commissioner. He added that the findings of ethics-law violations "required speculation and assumptions" that "could not be supported solely on the basis of the evidence."

The McCain campaign went on to say that this case against Palin was an inquiry led by Obama supporters based on little merit. Sounds like this 1300 page report has quite a bit of merit to me.
While their campaign continues to question the character and judgment of the Obama campaign, they just continue to crash and burn.

However, what's the real story here? I'm NOT about to read this long ass report, give me the short and sweet version. And how do you think the McCain campaign and the media will spin this one?

Source: Wall St. Journal


LOVE this Video!!! Must See!

This video is a little lengthy for the ADD generation (about 15 minutes) but SO worth watching. It's an inside look into the Obama campaign - particularly on the days leading up to and through the DNC. I almost cried (okay I did at a couple parts).

My co-worker said that she wants to be both his wife and children at the same time. I thought that was hilarious it at first until I watched it. Now I completely understand where she's coming from.

His family is so blessed - and they deserve everything they have, because they've worked hard for it. Obama 2008!!!

Response from Oliver Clark

Remember the black guy from the town hall debate who asked a pointed question about the $700 BILLION dollar government bailout? Well, if you do, you'll also remember McCain's condescending response - stating that he'd probably never heard of Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac prior to current events.

Turn's out the gentleman's name is Oliver Clark, and he's posted his reaction on his facebook page. Check it:
Well Senator, I actually did. I like to think of myself as a fairly intelligent person. I have a bachelor degree in Political Science from Tennessee State, so I try to keep myself up to date with current affairs. I have a Master degree in Legal Studies from Southern Illinois University, a few years in law school, and I am currently pursuing a Master in Public Administration from the University of Memphis. In defense of the Senator from Arizona I would say he is an older guy, and may have made an underestimation of my age. Honest mistake. However, it could be because I am a young African-American male. Whatever the case may be it was somewhat condescending regardless of my age to make an assumption regarding whether I was knowledgeable about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Ouch! Loved it!

Source: MSNBC (read full article here)

From the Right...... Excuuuuuse Me! ALSO!

I am convinced those freaking republican rallies are the modern day klan rallies, but whatev.... there are black folks in the audience. I saw this video this morning and somehow it kind of tickles me, as silly as it is.

1. The angry guy says, "I'm mad because a socialist is taking office" the crowd goes wild! When the crowd is going crazy cheering and clanking beer mugs and giving barbaric chest bumps, he says, "siddown, i'm na done!"
2. So mccain interrupts the guy and he goes, "let me finish" *notice the hand on his hips; he's really mad!*
3. Mccain says, "Excuuuuuuuse me!" that tickled me a tad.
4. The angry guy calls Pelosi and Obama Hooligans.
5. Wow. lol.
6. Why does Palin say, "ALSO" so damn freaking much! She uses it as a noun, an adjective, a verb, an adverb, the end of sentence inflection on a question, the end of sentence inflection on a statement. WTF? I'm confused also!
7. Why did Palin try and make a joke out of her inability to answer questions intelligently? She made the Tina Fey joke... come on now, Tina Fey is using your EXACT words you redneck hooligan maverick who does mavericky stuff!!
8. Doesn't this guy remind you of at least one person you have worked with?

Anyway - I just wanted to lean to the right this morning before I head into the office. Peace out my hooligans.

Oh Hell Yes! Obama Couture - Paris Fashion Week

When it was reported that Donatella Versace's most recent men's collection was inspired by Barack Obama, Donatella was quick to correct the press. Obama himself didn't inspire her, but rather "the type of man Barack Obama represents." However designers showing at Paris Fashion Week conveyed no such reserves about using their runway shows to blatantly support Barack. Sonia Rykiel's spring 2009 collection included sweaters that read "I have a dream" and "Obama." Jean-Charles de Castelbajac put Barack's grinning face on a dress paired with gloves that read "yes" and "no" — probably his way of saying "rock the vote." And at the end of her program notes, Stella McCartney wrote, “P.S. Vote Obama!!” [thanks NYmag]

Prayer: Fox News....biased much?

Hey guys... I've been in the blogging dumps, but Brightstar has been holding it down like a true g. Now, I'm getting back to the business.

I was watching Keith Olberman the other night and they aired this video from FOX News conducting a poll in Scranton, PA (OMG, I was so happy when this came online!):

A few highlights:
1. Did you notice that he was the only person who raised his hand as voting for Mccain?
2. Did you see the one old man try and raise his hand for Mccain and did you see his wife slam it down on the table?
3. Did you see that same woman raise both her hands for Obama?
4. Did you hear everyone laugh when the anchor said, "it looks like it's about half and half in here"
5. We need to pray.
6. What do you think?

On one last note. This morning, I saw Dayton Ohio's mayor, the BEAUTIFUL AND SMART, Rhine Mclin on the news. Hm. One thing, has anybody noticed her glasses? One side is a square and another is an oval. I thought I was tripping this morning when I saw it, but I found a pic. Maybe there's a reason, or maybe that's the style. Anyway - she's an amazing woman, so whatever floats her boat :)


Obama to Buy out Networks for 30 minutes on Anniversary of Black Tuesday

The Obama campaign has bought a half hour block of primetime television - from 8-8:30pm ET - on Wednesday, Oct. 29, on CBS, NBC, and MSNBC, according to television industry sources.

The bold buy, first reported by the Hollywood Reporter and featured on the Drudge Report, will put the Obama show uninterrupted to American television sets across the country less than one week before election day. The Obama camp remains in talks with other networks to do the same on other channels.

Evan Tracey, chief operating officer of the Campaign Media Analysis Group or CMAG, estimates that 30 minutes of primetime network television would cost at least $500,000.

Source: ABC News

I can't wait to hear what he has to say. This is a great opportunity for a larger audience to hear his plans for America without the "media filter." Ha, got that from Palin, but in this case, so true. *wink*

Governor Sarah Palin

Funny pic. Caption it.

Btw, this article is hilarious. Can you even do this? LOL.


"That One"

Take a quick glance here. That was quick!

Uhhhhhh, Huh?

Did you all hear him say "My Fellow Prisoners?" Is this a sign of senility or PTSD? I'm just sayin'. *wink*

CHANGE - A Historical Perspective by Donna Brazile

"We are not going back, we're going forward." That's RIGHT! Love her!


Tuesday Night Town Hall Debate - A Biased Recap

Okay, so I'll admit in advance that I may be a bit biased. But to be honest, I do think that the Obama campaign has another victory under it's belt and I'll explain my point of view. Obama genuinely does a better job connecting to the struggles of the American people. I loved that while the topics of education, the genocide in Sudan, or the issue of poverty weren't necessarily huge voter concerns, Barack Obama mentioned how he wanted to deal with those issues in his first term. To appease his critics, I also felt that Barack Obama spoke more and more in specifics on how he plans to address of issues of universal health care, the war in Iraq, foreign policy, and easing the economic burden. And THANK GOD he finally decided to bring up the fact that it was a mistake from the beginning to go into Iraq. Now while we are in the midst of a huge financial burden on Americans, we're working on rebuilding their government while Iraq has a $79 BILLION dollar SURPLUS (STFU!). RED FLAG - SOMETHING'S WRONG HERE. Bottom Line: I feel confident in my decision to vote for Senator Obama for President. How about you?

McCain, on the other hand, did do well with his usual talking points, yet he fell short when attempting to attack Barack Obama. In my opinion he needs to talk more about the real issues that affect people's lives first-hand - his whole energy argument is getting old. He's full of rhetoric and no real substance (which is funny because that's exactly what they say about Barack Obama). And I know this is superficial but he looked old and had a hard time comprehending the questions being asked. Not sure if this is my bias, but he looked slightly confused half the time. And if he would've use the word "American" or "My Friend" again I would've gagged. Btw, I know may be trippin' but did anyone else notice that he told the black man who asked the question about the economic crisis that "he probably hadn't heard of Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae until recently." I was like WTF?! But then again, I'm probably trippin', but who the F*CK didn't know about them? I'm sure some people didn't, but I doubt the people asking the probing questions at a political debate would be that naive. The comment just seemed really condescending. Aren't McCain supporters tired of him thinking they are stupid? First Palin, now this. I mean really...

In short, that's my opinion. For once, I didn't watch the debate on CNN in an attempt to avoid that reaction meter - which I think is completely innappriate for a debate. I also refused to watch any pre or post-debate coverage as it tends to stress me out. So, until tomorrow I'll just say that Obama won (hands down) and McCain has some serious negative campaigning to do. Will this debate change any minds? - I don't know. Should it? - I think so...

Wanda Sykes on Government Bailout and Palin

Love her. She really should have her own show. This is what I call keeping it R-E-A-L, lol.

LOL @ the Epcot center remark. Wanda Sykes for Secretary of State!


Blackstar? - Echo?

I'm not sure many of you noticed, but I just did. Blackstar hasn't posted since mid-September. Please call her out. She should be ashamed....I'm just sayin'


You Decide - Who's the Elitist?

Love this graphic, pretty much sums it up. Time for the Obama campaign to start fighting back.

[double-click to enlarge]


Leaked Simpsons Episode to Air November 2, 2008

Check out the vid below. Homer tries to vote for Obama, see what happens. Damn.

[thanks shabooty]


I LOVE Asians - This is HILARIOUS

Just saw this on Shabooty, this has me ROLLIN':

LOL, tell me he didn't HANDLE that ish!

Saw this too - check the Jesus wall message (double click to zoom in):

For the Ipod...

Here are some songs I've had on rotation on my ipod. It's a random mix of genres (some, I'm even a little embarrassed of), but I love these songs.

Tupac - Changes - Tupac

Keep Ya Head Up - Tupac

Weary - Amel Larrieux

Our ATL Theme Song

Janelle Monae - Party Girl - Janelle MonĂ¡e

Oh and I've NEVER smoked ANYthing before (not good for you), but these songs relax me, seriously - try it:

Buddah Lovaz - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Weed Song - Bone Thugs N Harmony

Btw, what does P.O.D'ded mean? I've been trying to figure this out for years...guess it doesn't matter since I make up all my own words for these songs anyway...just wondering...

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