Lord, Take the Wheel! Anne Price-Mills

Yes this is an old one - but seriously, we need to send up a prayer.....and fast!! When I saw this lady after the Hillary speech I almost googled directions, got in my car and drove to Denver to personally lay hands on her. Seriously, we need to shoot up double prayers for this crazy lady. I know that dude standing beside her is SO glad they didn't get a good shot of him therefore losing the need to publish his name on national tv. Man, he lucked out.

Anne Price-Mills makes me shake my head with pain, agony, disgust, delusion, quick-weave, shirley temple curls, hair gel and sorrow.
Also - we care about the vote and we would like to give back. We buppies over here would like to gather volunteers to give Mrs. Price-Mills a call on election day. We know, she usually does it - but we need to make sure she gets a call from someone. That's how we roll over here, we care! Who's volunteering?
Let's get it poppin:

Damn Gustav!

Can New Orleans get a break? I mean really! Fortunately, Mayor Ragin responded quickly, with plans to evacuate nearly 100% of the residents in the potential eye of the storm. But damn, seriously, how many people do you think will end up staying to save their tv? I mean for real.
Now I guess it's time to sit back and see how the political candidates respond to this disaster (in New Orleans, Texas, AND Mississippi). Have we really learned much from Katrina? It was a hard lesson learned, but I hope so...


For the Ipod...

My random playlist from this morning...enjoy:
Guru Feat. Erykah Badu - Plenty (audio)

John Mayer - Dreaming with a Broken Heart

The Roots - The Seed 2.0

Jill Scott - Imagination/Crown Royal Suite

What's on your iPod buppies?

Oh HELL No! - McCain called wife a TROLLOP, CUNT?!

"In his book The Real McCain, author Cliff Schecter claims that John McCain made extremely ugly remarks about his wife Cindy McCain during a tirade witnessed by three reporters and two aides. “At one point, Cindy playfully twirled McCain’s hair and said, ‘You’re getting a little thin up there,’” Schechter writes. “McCain’s face reddened, and he responded, ‘At least I don’t plaster on the makeup like a trollop, you cunt.’ McCain’s excuse was that it had been a long day. If elected president of the United States, McCain would have many long days.”


Let us Pray: Suge Knight

better known as Marion Hugh Knight is already out on bail with his crazy ass.Hey girls. Step away from that hunk of a man and run for your life! Get some help, Boo!
The 43-year-old Knight was arrested about 6:40 a.m. Wednesday on charges of assault with a deadly weapon, possession of a controlled substance, possession of dangerous drugs without a prescription and battery domestic violence. Police responding to a report of a car hitting a curb near the Las Vegas Strip say they found Knight standing over his longtime girlfriend with a knife in his hand. Police say the woman tried to run from the car, but Knight grabbed her.
well..... Mr. Suge went and beat up some chick he's dating all the way out of her clothes. Am I surprised? Hell no. Ladies - seriously, why do we date men like Suge Knight? Why? Doesn't that just scream "I'm dying to get my ass beat! Not only slapped or punched, not only yanked, but beat with a bat, stabbed with a knife, run over with a car, or dangled over a balcony on the 18th floor at some point in my life" Hell, I'm over here nervous about posting this ish about the man because we all know he doesn't respect 1st Amendment rights!!! Damn you Suge! ugh! Suge Knight dangled Vanilla Ice off a balcony to get "Ice, Ice baby" $$! He assaulted Eazy-E of NWA! He made Diddy's friend drink a cup of urine! Not wine, yes URINE! wtf ! Lord, let's send a prayer up right now for this man and let's send double prayers up for the women in his life. Run ladies, Run!

The Mad Buppie vol 1: The Maverick

I keep hearing the term "maverick" being used as a description for Mccain and now Palin. ** SIGH, THE NERVE ** For some reason, that I can not explain, I am sick of hearing that freaking word everytime Mccain makes an appearance!

So, shall we talk our ish?
A maverick is a person who shows independence of thought or action, a non-conformist or rebel
Let's be real, anybody who expresses independent thinking is a freaking Maverick. You do not have to be a POW, you do not have to be a good ole boy, you don't have to love guns or Clint Eastwood. Due to the fact that there is nothing more to say about Mccain and Palin (that we haven't already heard 100 times, including "maverick"), the media and the candidates themselves love to use "maverick."
Applying my reading comprehension skills, it seems to me that being a maverick is simply being someone who expresses independent thought. In other words, that means that John Mccain is NOT by definition, a maverick. Mccain has agreed with 95% of George Bush's agenda which seriously shows that he is no damn maverick. (source: Obama.)

So - today, let's give it up for the real independent thinkers, the real non-conformist, and those real rebels who will never feel the need to call themselves mavericks. Today however, I will call myself one. holla!

peace out,
The Maverick Blackstar has a hair appointment.


For the Ipod...

Hil St. Soul - Sweetest Days

Goapele - Closer

LOVE: Michelle Obama

For today's love section, I need to mention Michelle Obama. We LOVE her. Her classic beauty, awesome sense of style, and her intense love for her family just touches my heart (not to mention her eyebrows are bangin!). She's a highly intelligent woman who arguably could be running for office herself in a few years (which may not be that far off we hope). Do it Michelle!

What do you think? Love it or hate it?

Hate: P.U.M.A.

PUMA Party Unity My Ass is an organization filled with weirdos and some extremely bitter Hillary supporters. Seriously, they're weird.
1. Why are you so mad?
2. Why do you all seem senile (I just saw a goofy one on MSNBC)? Seriously, we joke around here at tbc, but really you guys are weird.
3. You guys remind me of those people who believe putting aluminum foil on your head cures diseases, and time traveling machines really exist. wtf?
4. Do you need a hug?
5. Can you all accept Anne Price-Mills into your organization? I've officially given up on her ass; also - remember to call her ass on election day because she said it's going to be hard for her to make calls this year. I'm just looking out, Anne.
6. I do respect the mild profanity in the name of your organization... that's some professional shit. Ass..... hm, isn't that the democratic mascot? *drum symbol ding*
7. Why are you such sore losers?
8. Was Hillary Clinton breast-feeding you guys or something? ewwww.
I'm about to be sick.

Some BLACK Folks make me SICK!

Ok, where do I start.

1. This is some BULLshit.
2. Ms. Bennett College (which might I add is just a fake ass Spelman) is mad that Obama didn't reference and exploit the name of MLK so he could be ATTACKED by conservatives and black people alike for trying to even compare himself to MLK? Really?
3. Mr. Cornel-I've-done-so-much-to-change-black-america-by-writing-pointless-books-West thinks Barack should've acknowledged white supremacy and his black ancestry. Oh yes, that's exactly what's going to win him the election. I mean WTF. Are they listening to themselves?
4. They repeatedly praise the Clintons (especially Sister Hillary) when it's clearly universal that Obama's speech was the highlight of the convention. Even Pat Buchanan (the most conservative man in America) praised his speech. I mean come ON. Who's REALLY the uncle Tom here? I'm just saying... F*ck Tavis, f*ck Cornel, and f*ck that fake-ass Julianne Malveaux.

A good argument to all of this he is NOT running for the president of Black America, he's running for the United States of America. Oprah said it best just moments after his speech - "He's not an African-American candidate," she said. "He's a candidate for Americans."

Blog Roundup: Obama Style

-- Politopics: delivers her take on Obama's speech.
-- Blogxilla: Gives you the scoop on the monumental speech.
-- My husband, Kanye: Is looking cute in his pic with the Pres:
-- Politico: Dems belittle Mccain's pick. Hell yeah!
-- and for ish-n-giggles.... Obamawill: tells you all the things Obama will do for you once he's elected for president.

Goooooooooo Obama!

Let's Pray.

We all need to pray for one another, but good grief. I saw this beauty on one of my daily spots that gets me through the day http://www.youknowyoudeadazzwrong.com/. I got $10.00 on this event being for the "grown and sexy."

It's a Celebration Buppies! - Meet Sarah (the new Hero of the Democratic Party)

Republicans. I mean you have GOT to love them. They have to be the cutest most clueless individuals I've ever seen in my entire life. Meet Sarah Palin - hockey mom, who after joining the PTA decided to go into politics. Let's review her rise to power. She went from a PTA mom to a mayor of 9,000 people in our great state of Alaska. (yeah, Alaska). Now, she's earned the distinct honor of serving almost 2 years (if you round up) as governor of Alaska. Let's nominate her for President! (not a typo, we all know Mccain just turned 72, let's be real, it's a huge possibility this bama chick may be our next President).

Now check the record: beauty pageant contestant (even Miss Congeniality thank you very much), avid pro-lifer (even in cases of rape), tax cuts for the rich (check), journalism degree with a MINOR in politics (check), married to a BP Oil Exec (nice), avid hunter (check), NRA gun toting gangster bitch (check), vagina (check), military son (check), down's syndrome baby (check), she's IN!

Thanks Johnny, you're the best. I'm sure you'll be able to convince liberal Hillary supporters to vote for this conservative woman you had to find in Alaska to fit the bill.

This shit is not about the Lifetime Movie of the week, we are talking about the President of the Free World. Don't insult our intelligence.

On the bright side, I think these Republicans have just sealed the deal for Obama. Play with it...


Let us Pray: CPS Edition

I am picking up the damn phone RIGHT NOW! What in the crackhead, crazy parent, insane, Jesus help them hell is this video! Somebody please call an ambulance b/c I may need to get some help after viewing this. My question is - "Where are the parents?" forreal.

HOWEVER, people, there is a such thing as bad ass kids. Bad ass kids are the result of bad ass parents. So - the next time I hear, "They aren't bad, they just want attention" or "Don't say that, she doesn't know any better" I'm going to go off. These kids know they are dancing nasty and the little white chick knows that she is cussing. Yes C-U-S-S-I-N-G. puh-leeze. I love the kids and all but I'm spanking the parents and the kids involved in this ridiculousness. *stomps away*

I suppose I'll be fair and balanced on this one....

the king turns 50!

I really have no words for this. Happy 50th birthday King Michael Jackson. Since you didn't have a childhood, I'm not going to say anything about the pajama/suit combo. Damn you Joe.

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