Single Ladies - Church Version

I don't know if this is real or not, it can't be! But this is KILLING me. If this is your church, please let me know. Praise his name.


C. Breezy - Really? REALLY!

OK, I must admit that when I first heard this story I was giving Chris Brown the benefit of the doubt. I mean, what business was it of mine? I assumed there was yelling, screaming, possibly a shove here or there, ya know...an argument (not a boxing match). There was WAY too much speculation and rumors flying through the airwaves for me to make an educated judgment on what occurred that night until I saw this damn photo! Nothing, and I mean NOTHING can legitimize how much he beat this woman that night. I mean WTF?! And now I hear that she's not pressing charges and wants him back. WHAT, eWHAT?! Ladies, we need to do better. Jeeezus.


Bizaaaaaaaaack! Anybody There? LOL

Ok ok, we've been slippin'. I know! My bad. Ok, here are my excuses.

1. I've been celebrating/partying my ASS off. Barack Obama is STILL President. WHAT?!
2. My job has gone completely INSANE and I've been working ridiculous hours (oh and they blocked this site at work, can you believe that?!) I have GOT to win the damn lottery because I can't take this! SO over it.
3. I just haven't been all that inspired! I know, with SO much going on in the world, I can't think of a THING to blog about. So go ahead and leave some comments about some different topics you'd like to discuss, because I'm completely blank.
4. Still going through that quarterlife crisis and I'm in desperate need of a vacation. (I need some vacation ideas ASAP).

Ok, those aren't the "best" excuses, but how about I just vow to do a little better? Are we cool? ;-)

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