Prayer: Fox News....biased much?

Hey guys... I've been in the blogging dumps, but Brightstar has been holding it down like a true g. Now, I'm getting back to the business.

I was watching Keith Olberman the other night and they aired this video from FOX News conducting a poll in Scranton, PA (OMG, I was so happy when this came online!):

A few highlights:
1. Did you notice that he was the only person who raised his hand as voting for Mccain?
2. Did you see the one old man try and raise his hand for Mccain and did you see his wife slam it down on the table?
3. Did you see that same woman raise both her hands for Obama?
4. Did you hear everyone laugh when the anchor said, "it looks like it's about half and half in here"
5. We need to pray.
6. What do you think?

On one last note. This morning, I saw Dayton Ohio's mayor, the BEAUTIFUL AND SMART, Rhine Mclin on the news. Hm. One thing, has anybody noticed her glasses? One side is a square and another is an oval. I thought I was tripping this morning when I saw it, but I found a pic. Maybe there's a reason, or maybe that's the style. Anyway - she's an amazing woman, so whatever floats her boat :)


Blog Queen October 10, 2008 at 2:40 PM  

I saw this clip a while back and got so tickled especially at the little old lady. Once he says it's split...listen as the crowd heckles him about it. It so ridiculous

brightstarr October 10, 2008 at 9:04 PM  

I like the mayor's unique style. I always applaud anyone who's willing to take risks. Thanks for putting me on to her.

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