Blog Roundup: Labor Day Edition

-- Over at Pamalicious, she gives us the rundown on an interesting open letter.
-- Mutilation of Slaves, a historical reminder of some of the horrors of slavery is covered over at Raw Dawg Buffalo's spot
-- Fried Chicken and Maduros tells us why she's mad..... and I agree with her.
-- Renaissance Black Woman shows us her shot face! Pass me the Patron if you don't want anymore ;)
-- Creole in DC shows us what really happens when you place a black bear against a puma.

We are keeping everyone who is affected by the hurricane in our prayers. Please reach out to your friends are in the gulf coast region.


Eb the Celeb September 2, 2008 at 6:49 AM  

lmao you can have the patron... the only time I like tequilla is when its mixed in a flavored margarita...lol

but since you saw the post I am waiting on you to post your shot face....hmmm mmm

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