Lord, Take the Wheel! Anne Price-Mills

Yes this is an old one - but seriously, we need to send up a prayer.....and fast!! When I saw this lady after the Hillary speech I almost googled directions, got in my car and drove to Denver to personally lay hands on her. Seriously, we need to shoot up double prayers for this crazy lady. I know that dude standing beside her is SO glad they didn't get a good shot of him therefore losing the need to publish his name on national tv. Man, he lucked out.

Anne Price-Mills makes me shake my head with pain, agony, disgust, delusion, quick-weave, shirley temple curls, hair gel and sorrow.
Also - we care about the vote and we would like to give back. We buppies over here would like to gather volunteers to give Mrs. Price-Mills a call on election day. We know, she usually does it - but we need to make sure she gets a call from someone. That's how we roll over here, we care! Who's volunteering?
Let's get it poppin:


Anonymous August 31, 2008 at 10:10 AM  

LOL at "Jesus take the wheel!". You are a TRIP!

Keli August 31, 2008 at 12:35 PM  

I so relate to this woman...

so slap me too...

I was a Texas delegate for Clinton...voted for her even after Obama secured the nomination...do you know, that the Democratic party makes delegates pretty much pledge their vote to whomever they chose as the candidate prior to the DNC...the thing is, you still have the right to vote for the candidate of your choice...one of the reasons they end the roll call...there were many Clinton delegates still in the house, so it could have not been a pretty and unified as we would like to portray...

I too am a black woman...I have yet to connect with the man of the hour, he does seem to be more flash than substance...I still am trying to wrap my mind around how he has been catapulted to this position...

The ONLY reason he has my vote, is that I can't take another four years of GOP reign...but...when there is a shift in the white house, there is also typically a shift in the Senate and Congress...so we have to work to get our democratic Senate and Congressional representatives back in office as well.

For me this is bigger than Obama...I can't see that I get that he realizes that...

I somewhat feel as though I am a hypocrite...voting for someone I do not feel is ready to hold the office...but again...I have to work with what I got.

MP August 31, 2008 at 2:44 PM  

I couldn't have kicked this woman right in her neck. She should have been cut off and no allowed to speak for as long as she did. So I took a stand and ended the clip a 1:55. And I'm going to put in a petition to the powers that be to see if I can get the 1 minute and 55 seconds back on my death bed.

It's time for the bright light to come on in the heads of all these Hillary supporters. WHAT ARE YOU STILL SUPPORTING HER FOR? WHY ARE YOU EVEN CALLING YOURSELVES HILLARY SUPPORTERS? It's an antiquated term. She is no longer in the running to be the next president. Get the f*ck over it! Am I mad? Maybe...

MP August 31, 2008 at 2:44 PM  
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Anonymous August 31, 2008 at 10:48 PM  

LMBO @ "Anne Price-Mills makes me shake my head with pain, agony, disgust, delusion, quick-weave, shirley temple curls, hair gel and sorrow."

....Rolling on the floor :-)

Thx for sharing!

reflection August 31, 2008 at 10:50 PM  

"Anne Price-Mills makes me shake my head with pain, agony, disgust, delusion, quick-weave, shirley temple curls, hair gel and sorrow."

You are KILLING me!

All we know is some black man hurt this woman really bad, but I doubt it was Barack Obama! Come one now...she know this makes no damn sense. Politics is politics. If your ideals were aligned with Hillary, I don't see what the big difference is between her and Barack Obama other than she is older and was the former first lady. Oh and she's white which equals immediate qualification for some. Shit I don't know. But you're right - delusional is the word. Vote based on your politics, facts, careful study - not your emotions. Come on ladies...

reflection August 31, 2008 at 11:18 PM  

Oh, the DRAMA, move the F*CK on Mrs. Mills (wait, who married her?)! I mean really! I'd prefer if they (these insane PUMAS) just kept their whining asses at home.

I hope she doesn't live her daily life that way. Can't be productive or healthy. The cynicism of people towards Barack Obama amazes me, but I guess I can understand after the last few election cycles. I mean, I was there too, but luckily interest in the political process has been reinvigorated. I do believe that Obama has a "little" bit to do with that. How can you NOT give him just an inch of credit? What is just "flash" about that? I know he's getting a lot of press, but blame the media, not the man. Are there any policies that you differ largely when compared to Hillary? Please explain your point Keli. What could he do to possibly get you to "connect" with him?

First of all the man is risking his life and the life of his family for this office. I think that's passion, not a move for power. He could be in a 7 figure job tomorrow and have "power." I really doubt that's the point. I really believe in his passion and desire to bring about change.

I'm interested in hearing your point of view...really...then maybe I'll have a little more sympathy for these broken hearted Hillary supporters. This is politics, vote based on your politics.

reflection September 1, 2008 at 8:12 AM  

I voted for Edwards for the primaries FYI, when he fell out of the running (luckily), I immediately got behind Barack Obama, because they stood for similar issues. I didn't start disliking Hillary Clinton until she became overwhelmingly negative in the primary battles. If the Democrats lose, I think it'll be slightly due to those 18 million cracks Hillary put in Obama's head with all that negative campaigning a few months ago. I hope Democrats learned a valuable lesson, party unity first. Save that negative campaigning for the general elections.

Mintsavvy.com September 9, 2008 at 4:10 PM  

I'll call her. as well as send over some of my aunt's old LifeTime VHS recordings. Hilary and Obama are basically the same damn candidate on the issues...and isn't that what matters the most. Wonder what she thinks of Pppppppalin.

Ps buppie chicks rock

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