Things I HATE Right Now
1. McCain Supporters - are you just retarded or racist too? If we happen to be graced with your presence, please, Please, PLEASE explain why you're voting for this man. I want facts. PLEASE NOTE: I'm NOT asking about why you oppose or disagree with Obama, but for you to clearly articulate why you are FOR John McCain and/or Sarah Palin. Do the damn thing, prove me wrong.

2. Lil Wayne embarrassing Black America (make that Black Humanity around the world) on the VMA's literally showing his ass on stage. Btw, I hate myself for half-way liking his ignorant-ass music. Such a contradiction, I know. (see below)

3. Fox News. Case in point: Bill O'Reilly. I mean how does this man still have a show? Well I'll tell you - it's those ignorant as mofos I mentioned in item #1. Personally, I think these people should NOT be allowed the right to vote, but who am I to deny the mentally challenged their civil rights?

4. Bristol Palin IS an issue. Especially when Sarah exploits her family for votes. If she mentions that son who's going to Iraq tomorrow one more time, I'll scream. Did anyone forget that Biden's son is also going to war? Long story short: If Barack's pastor is an issue, so is Palin's own daughter. Stop the madness.

5. Sarah Palin talking about putting that plane on eBay. What? And? Oh, let's also mention that accent. Omg - stop saying Alaska. Please.

6. Undecided voters. Who are these people? I'm assuming white people who still haven't come to terms with voting for a black man, but may potentially have enough sense not to vote for John Mccain. Well in that case, just don't vote. But seriously, what could you possibly be undecided about? The candidates are starck contrasts of one another. How can you be "unsure" about what you stand for? What social issues you support? Your stance on the war? What does fiscal responsibility mean to you? What issues are important to you? Please explain.

7. Not that I've watched this madness, but I must also mention the following shows: NY Goes to Hollywood, Luke (omg, can't believe he got a show), Flavor of Love, and let's just say all of BET. Someone is trying to ruin it for Barack Obama. I mean if you live in small towns (particularly in the midwest and south) where you rarely encounter African Americans, these shows will affect some votes. Don't you think? LOL, let's hope not, but it's possible.

Things I LOVE Right Now
1. The Hills - I had some serious conflicts in watching this show - true. But now I've come to terms on how much I LOVE this show - fake tans and all. I've gone from a serious state of denial--->to self confrontation--->to sheer embarrassment--->to complete ACCEPTANCE. *Yay* So happy Audrina and Lauryn are BFF's again btw.

2. Watching Bush admit that he was wrong and then announce troop withdrawals from Iraq this morning. Ok, so he didn't admit he was wrong, but it was still great watching his ass try to make it seem like Iraq was a success. Americans better not fall for this! Come on now. By the way, he took Obama's advice and instead made the decision to deploy more troops to the real area of threat: Afghanistan. Looks like Obama wouldn't be so bad with foreign policy. I'm just sayin'.

3. Flex time & VPN Technology - LOVE IT. I'm sitting in the bed right now with my laptop watching this Bush speech (on the troop withdrawal). Gotta love it.

4. Anything Apple - iPod, iPhone, and my Macbook! Luvs it! Even thinking about getting the iMac - not that I need it, but the Apple store is addicting. I don't know what's in the air, but their sales strategy is AWESOME. Maybe I even need an apple tv?


charlese September 9, 2008 at 8:59 AM  

Can I get a show of hands? How many people are tired of seeing young male's underwear? *Waving both hands wildly*

charlese September 9, 2008 at 9:00 AM  

Oh, and you don't have to rub in that flex time thing!

MP September 10, 2008 at 7:09 AM  

1. everybody voting for mcCain can only explain why they are not voting for Obama. Nobody can prove you wrong.

2. *hangs head in shame* i too feel this way.

3. i'll sign your petition

4. agreed and she should do "baby story" on TLC

5. I so desperately want to he shut up and d... nevermind i'm a christian. but honestly shoudln't she be off somewhere studying american government 101 so that she can at least do an interview.

6. I agree. if undecided voters are just going to mess things up for the rest of us they should just not vote.

I can only comment on the things you hate because I have cramps and i don't want to be happy. TMI?

brightstarr September 10, 2008 at 9:45 AM  

MP!!! Girl, why does #5 have me ROTFL. You are too much! Luvs it!

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