The Mad Buppie vol 1: The Maverick

I keep hearing the term "maverick" being used as a description for Mccain and now Palin. ** SIGH, THE NERVE ** For some reason, that I can not explain, I am sick of hearing that freaking word everytime Mccain makes an appearance!

So, shall we talk our ish?
A maverick is a person who shows independence of thought or action, a non-conformist or rebel
Let's be real, anybody who expresses independent thinking is a freaking Maverick. You do not have to be a POW, you do not have to be a good ole boy, you don't have to love guns or Clint Eastwood. Due to the fact that there is nothing more to say about Mccain and Palin (that we haven't already heard 100 times, including "maverick"), the media and the candidates themselves love to use "maverick."
Applying my reading comprehension skills, it seems to me that being a maverick is simply being someone who expresses independent thought. In other words, that means that John Mccain is NOT by definition, a maverick. Mccain has agreed with 95% of George Bush's agenda which seriously shows that he is no damn maverick. (source: Obama.)

So - today, let's give it up for the real independent thinkers, the real non-conformist, and those real rebels who will never feel the need to call themselves mavericks. Today however, I will call myself one. holla!

peace out,
The Maverick Blackstar has a hair appointment.


MP August 31, 2008 at 5:39 AM  

They are calling him a maverick because America is obsessed with adjectives and they can't rationalize the appropriateness of call him an old ass geezer every time they mention his name.

MP the Maverick signing out!

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